Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vonage and ADT

Today I tested my ADT security system because wanted to find out if it is actually working with my currently wiring setup.  I have connected the phone line from the security system to our patch panel.  This is connected to our Vonage ATA. (Similar to the article in Make magazine)

Supposedly, this is not supposed to work, like modems and fax machines are not supposed to work.  If it didn't work,  I would have thought of either

  1. Buying the cell service connector for the ADT system.

  2. Buy the ABN Broadband Adapter from, and switch to using their service.

  3. Switch to using for service.

I wasn't looking forward to ant of these options, as the first would require me to buy additional hardware, and additional monthly fee.  The second option would allow me to use my existing hardware, but I would have to buy the adapter.  The main concern that I would have is that I would have to use NextAlarm for service, and I am not sure about how reliable that service is.  The option would require me to buy all new hardware.

Today, I tested the system twice, and both calls were successful.  Also, they mentioned that the past monthly calls, have all been successful.  They mentioned that if one of these tests fail, they will contact me.

I think that this is working for the same reason that my TiVo's can make calls.  Also I have been successful in sending faxes.

[via Voxilla]

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