Thursday, August 11, 2005

DTV: Internet TV

16Military ScreenshotI just downloaded this new application called DTV.  They are calling it an Internet TV application, but it is just a Video Podcast application.  It has an integrated guide that lists "channels" that have been submitted.  It can also download the video files via HTTP or BitTorrent.

This has the same functionality as iTunes and ANT.  DTV does have a better interface than either of those applications.  (I still haven't figured out how to display video in a separate window, and not in the preview pane or full screen.  I got this to work once.)

I do have concerns about applications like this implementing BitTorrent clients.  Since most people will not open up the outgoing ports.  Since it will not be possible to download pieces from these clients, these will not help the download speed for other people downloading the file.  But then again, the BitTorrent protocol will cause these clients to not get as fast of a download speed.

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