Thursday, August 25, 2005

Personal Radio Recorder

Morphy Richards Dab EpgPVR Wire has a post that mentions a digital radio that can schedule recordings with a program guide.  The Morphy Richards DAB EPG Radio records audio content to a SD card.

I wonder how they are doing the EPG.  I know that HD Radio includes the program information for the programs that are on now, but I didn't think that it included future programs.  Maybe the EPG has to be loaded on the SD card.

I do like the idea of a recorder for radio.  When I am listening to my XM radio coming to work, I hear of upcoming programs.  I usually am not able to hear them since I am not in the car.  It would be great to record these programs and listen to them while I drive.  I know that the XM MyFi will record programs, but I want something that is better intergrated with my car stereo.

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