Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jinzora importing

I have played around with Jinzora a little bit, and I have found it to be a pretty cool program.

But, there seems to be some problems with importing media.  I tried to have Jinzora import my music using the folder structure only (since this is what the page recommends).  On the same screen there is a pop-up that describes how, what I thought was, the meta information should be presented to the user.  I guess I picked the wrong option.  All of my artists got interpreted as Genres and all of the albums got interpreted as artists.

The strange thing about this was that when I looked at the information for a specific track, it had all of the correct information.  It looked like the browsing information was just wrong.  I didn't see a way to rebuild the browsing structure.

I was able to solve this problem, but it was a pain.  Here are the steps that I used to do it:

  1. Empty the tables in the database that Jinzora was using

  2. Delete the settings.php file

  3. run "sh"

  4. Run through the setup wizard

  5. When you get to the page that describes how to import media, Select use folder structure, but set the "Read tag info" option to true

  6. Set the structure to "Artist/Album"  (This may have to match the structure of your files on your disk)

  7. Let the file be imported

Once you get into the main interface, you will see that none of the tracks have been added, but the browsing structure is there.  Then:

  1. in the "Media Management" menu, select "Rescan Media"

  2. Select "All sub items"

  3. Check the "Ignore file modification times" check box

When that finished, you will have all of the tracks listed in the correct place, as well you will have all of the artwork, and related tracks features.

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