Wednesday, August 3, 2005

shower head

Hiwt-204 Fan EIt seems like a lot of the new house construction or remodeling includes bathroom upgrades.  One that contractors are advertising a lot is showers that have multiple shower-heads mounted on the wall.

I Want That! showcased a shower head that has some of the same functionality, but it seems that it can be installed in an existing shower.  The Grohe Freehander shower-head, has to shower heads that rotate 360°.  Also the whole arm rotates so that the shower heads can be positioned above or in front of you.

This shower-head starts at $395.

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  1. Heh. I struggle to have enough hot water for the two of us to have one shower each, per day, with the shower head we got for our bathroom reno.
    Let alone the fact I like to have a second shower after playing Touch. Like I need right now before Amazing Race (Final) starts!


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