Friday, August 12, 2005

2 cool Dashboard Widgets

Indextop20050412Now that I have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4, I have started to play with Dashboard Widgets.  I found two very cool widgets


Since I have been doing a lot of php programming, I have been going to to look up functions.  This is a widget that will allow you to look at the function reference and user notes for each function.


This widget shows the WiFi networks that your computer can see.  It shows the SSID, Channel, Signal Strength and an icon that indicated if it is secured with a passowrd. 

The other thing that it does is it will show a list of the WiFi Hotspots near a specified address.  The strange thing about this is that it doesn't cache the list of addresses, so if you don't have access to a network, you will not be able to find where you can get network access.

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