Sunday, August 21, 2005

Europe gets the cool car head units

It seems that all of the cool head units are available in Europe and not here.  A while ago, I was looking at Single DIN Navigation units for my car.  I don't like the look of the ones that have the screen that pops out of the unit itself.  There were only two available in the US.  (The Harman Kardon TrafficPro and the Blaupunkt TravelPilot.)

Europe has a lot available.  Here is a page from the gps warehouse that lists all of the single din navigation head units.

Also I saw the same thing when looking for a single din head unit that has bluetooth capability.  The only one that I found was the Pioneer DEH-P70BT.

I wonder if these would work if I ordered it. I know that the AM tuning wouldn't work as it tune on 9 kHz intervals, instead of 10kHz intervals as that are used in the US.  For the navigation units, it might be hard to get maps for the US.

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  1. Jensen has one here, picked it up and installed it in my jeep about 3 weeks ago. Paired with my Moto E815 in about 20 seconds even though it was not on the 'compatible' list. Works well, uses the same profile that is available on the Motor headsets such as voice dial, hang up, dowload the phone bookd to the head unit. It even has a good radio and cd player, aux outs and aux in, cd controller and a remote [IN A CAR !?!?!]...


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