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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Xbox 360 "slim"

My wife and kids bought me  a new Xbox 360 "slim" for Father's Day.  So far, I like the hardware, especially how much quieter it is when compared to my older Xbox 360.

The setup/transfer went pretty easy, especially since the software to transfer data from the old hard drive is included on the new Xbox.  (You do need to purchase the Xbox 360 transfer cable.)  All content was transferred, except for the games that had been installed on the hard drive.  Even though the content was transferred, it was still licensed to my old Xbox.  (The DRM on the Xbox licenses content to the Xbox where the content was purchased, and the Xbox Live account.)

Since I want the content to be playable when my Xbox Live account is not logged in, I needed to transfer the licenses to the new Xbox.  Microsoft has a tool where you can transfer the licenses for your content to a different Xbox.  Unfortunately, after you transfer the licenses, you need to redownload the content.  The download manager on the Xbox only allows 30 items to be added to the queue.  So I re-downloaded the games, but haven't redownloaded the Rock Band tracks that I had purchased.

I do like the hardware on the new Xbox, for reasons other than how silent it runs.  Since HDMI and toslink optical are on board, I can now use HDMI and digital audio.  (There wasn't room with the placement of the ports to use both before.)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Windows Home Server recovery

For a while there has been an update to MyMovies that I have been meaning to install.  On Saturday, I decided to do the upgrade.  The first thing that I did was uninstall the old Windows Home Server add-on.  The uninstallation appeared to go OK, and I was prompted to reboot the server.  Once I did, the server would not fully boot back up.  Since this is a HP MediaSmart ex475, and there is no video out, the only option is to recover the server.  Since server recovery consists of reinstalling the server software, I decided to to take this opportunity to upgrade the system drive to a 1TB drive that I had, but hadn't used.

Reinstalling the software went fine, but I was never able to get it to automatically recover the data from the other drives.  Supposedly, when you do a server recovery, the data will be automatically reconstructed from the drives.

Instead, the server partition is created, and all of the other drives are just mounted, but not added to the storage pool.  No data is lost here, but you just need to copy the data back to the storage pool.  This page describes the steps required to recover data. I am using GoodSync to do the copy, as it pretty much functions like rsync, but doesn't require cygwin.  The copying of the data will take a few more days.

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