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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving to hosted blog software? [update]

I am thinking about moving my blogs to a hosted blog software service like or This would reduce the amount of work that I would need to do to keep the software up to date.  Currently, I need to manually upgrade my installation of WordPress when ever a new version comes out, or if new versions of the plugins are made available.

Also since don't have the ftp server enabled on my server, this would make adding/upgrading plugins a lot easier.

I am leaning towards, as it is an easy export of my blog into that server.  (I have already done this.)  I would just need to pay $10 to have my domain pointed to their servers.

Update:  I am going to stick with running WordPress on my own server.  There are several things that are missing from

  1. You can't have a custom permalink format

  2. You can't upload themes or plugin (Adsense and Bad Behavior plugins are not available)

  3. If I don't want their ads, I need to pay an extra $30 a year.

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