Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ear Force AXT

Axt Full MicOne of my friends sent me this link to this new headset.  I mentioned before that I want to get a headset that would allow me to play SOCOM II with with headphones.

It looks like the Ear Force AXT is a headset that is meant to be used with an Xbox.  it has a RCA input to connect to a Xbox or a receiver, and a "mic adapter" to plug into the Xbox communication module for the communication.

This could be used for playing SOCOM II on a PS2.  If the "mic adapter" is a standard headset connector, I should be able to use it.  I use the DATEL GameTalk Headset, and this provides a USB adapter for standard headset.  Is the Xbox headset compatible with cell phones?

I also have some schematics for audio mixers.  I have all of the components.  When I have the time I will assemble it.  This would allow me to mix the sound from the receiver with the sound from the headset.

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