Sunday, August 14, 2005

Setup Harmony 880 Remote


I finally set up the Harmony 880 remote that I got a while ago.  It was pretty easy to move my configuration to the new remote.  All I had to do was connect the USB cable to the remote and the computer, and update the configuration from the web site.  All of the settings that I had configured before automatically got transfered.

Now that I have used the new remote for a while there are some things that I like and some that I don't like.  When I first got the Harmony 688, I noticed that it was harder to use the remote without looking at the buttons.  The 880's buttons are even harder to distinguish with out looking.  It does have a solution about this problem.  There appears to be a gyroscope in the remote.  When it is moved, the buttons light up automatically

The other thing that is strange is that the play button is not in the center of the remote.  It is on the right hand side of the remote.  So when you are fast forwarding or rewinding, you have can't just move to an adjacent button to start playing.

The Harmony 880 fixes a problem that I have with the 688.  The buttons don't make a clicking noise when pressed.  The Harmony 688's buttons sound like mouse buttons.

Even with those problems, this is a great remote.  It has a pretty cool, but pointless, feature.  You can upload images, and have them cycled through in s slideshow.  I haven't uploaded any images yet.

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  1. The thing that turned me off right away was that you can pick your brand of device but then have to manually enter the model number. And there is no verification that you got the model # right. And so far on the stuff I know I got the model # right on it does nothing when I hit the power button or help.


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