Sunday, August 7, 2005

Culligan installed

A few weeks ago, we noticed that our clothes weren't getting clean.  We thought that this could be cause because of hard water. So we called Culligan.

When they came out they stated the the water quality varies in Santa Clara County, depending on how much water they get from ground water vs. surface water.  He also tested our water and said it was a 13.5, while normal is 8.  (He could be making up these number, and we would have no way to verify these numbers)

We decided to get a water softener for the whole house water supply and a drinking water system for the kitchen sink.  On Thursday, the installer came out to install these items.  He installed the drinking water system first, and then the water softener next.  During this time the water supply to the house was off.  When he was done with the installation he turned on the water and left.

A little while later, the drinking water system started to leak onto the kitchen floor.  We turned off the main water and called Culligan customer service.  When I got home to look at the problem, I noticed that they replace the water pipe that entered the house, but they didn't patch the hole that they made.

When the installer came out he replaced the bad valve in the drinking water system, and patched the hole in the exterior wall.

We will see if it actually solves the problem with how our clothes get clean.

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