Friday, August 19, 2005

More BlueTooth thoughts

Now that I have had a chance to play with my phone, I have thought of some things that I would love to get.  I would love to use more of the Bluetooth functionality.

I would love to use this on my computer.  I want some software that will automatically pause iTunes and lock my computer when I walk away.  Also I would like CallerID information to be presented on the screen when someone calls.  I know that Sailing Clicker and Romeo supports this, but they are not compatible with the Motorola E815.  BluePhoneElite does support the CallerID display, but it doesn't support the proximity features.

I also want to get a Bluetooth headset for the phone.  In addition to that, when I replace the car head unit, I want to see if someone makes a headunit that has a BlueTooth hands free unit built in.  This should cause the music to mute when the phone is answered.  I imagine that an external mic would be mounted somewhere on the dash.

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