Saturday, August 6, 2005

Upgraded to Tiger

I finally upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4.  I bought the box from Other World Computing, which had it for $99.  Here are the steps that I following for the installation:

  1. I booted my laptop with the 10.4 DVD

  2. Plugged in an external firewire drive

  3. From the Utilities menu, selected Disk Utitiles

  4. Restored the internal drive to the external firewire drive

  5. Erased the internal drive

  6. Installed the software on the internal drive

  7. When it finished, and rebooted, restored the data from the external drive

This worked perfectly.  I was surprised that the backup of the internal drive only took about 40 minutes.  Restoring the data took the longest time.  I assume that this was because the installation software was trying to figure which file to be restored.

The only problem that I had was the the icon of Mail in my dock would not launch.  I had moved where Mail was installed, and the installer installed the new version in the original location.  Once I put the new version of Mail in the dock, everything worked fine.

I haven't installed the new version of the Cisco VPN software yet, and I know that I will need to do that.

Update:  I also noticed that one of the Scripting Additions that was in my home directory was not copied.

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