Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Google Reader suggestions

Now that I have been using Google Reader exclusively for a little while, I have noticed some things that I think should be added:

  1. When emailing a post, from Google Reader, the whole html should be included in the email, and not just the text with the tags stripped out.

  2. In the "next≫" bookmarklet, it would be good to open the destination page in a frame.  This would allow you to still "Add star" or "Share" the post.  Currently, the post gets marked "read" automatically, and if you normally only view unread posts, it is hard to "star" one of these viewed posts.

  3. When using the "subscribe..." bookmarklet to subscribe to a feed on the current page, Google Reader marks all of the posts as read.  This is different behavior than when just copying the rss url into Google ReadeAutor.

  4. Dynamic groupings.  It would be great to create grouping of posts from the feeds that you have subscribed to that have specified keywords.  You can do something similar with Google Blog Search, but you can't limit it to the feeds that you have subscribed to.

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