Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TiVo Series3?

Since I used to work at TiVo, I am pretty partial to the TiVo service and interface.  Since it seems like DIRECTV is phasing out support for TiVo DVRs, the TiVo Series3 looks like a very good option.  I still have a Series1 that has lifetime service that I can transfer to the Series3.  Here are the pro and cons for switching:


  1. Be able to get local HD channels (We couldn't get good receiption with our OTA ATSC antenna, so we only get the major networks in HD)

  2. Be able to use TiVo's networking features.

  3. Have folders in Now Playing

  4. Hopefully be able to get a discount in my Comcast bill by being able to combine Internet, Cable and possible phone on one bill.


  1. Have to get either a cheap TiVo Series2 or a Comcast SD DVR for the bedroom, or don't use the TV in the bedroom.

The other thing that I hope is that Comcast broadcasts its HD channels at at higher bit-rate than DIRECTV.  If you have Comcast in the SF Bay area, does HBO HD have compression artifacts?

[via PVR Wire]

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