Friday, September 8, 2006

Limiting hybrids in carpool lane

It looks like Caltrans may be limiting the number of hybrids that get access to the hybrid lanes in California.  I personally think that this is a good thing for several reasons:

  1. One of the ways that carpool lanes are supposed to reduce congestion is to encouage people of share a car.  But now you see a solo driver driving a hybrid in the car pool lane.

  2. Carpool lanes are supposed to help reduce environmental polutants.  I would claim that 1 gasolene automobile with 2 or 3 people (depending on the carpool rules for the area) emmit less pollutants than 2 or 3 hybrids with single occupants.

The current system is geared for the wealthy.  Those who can afford a hybrid, regardless of how efficient it is, can drive in the carpool lane.  I would rather the state be upfront about this, and enact a rule where if you spend $1000 - $2000, you get a sticker to enable you to drive in the carpool lane with a solo driver.

[via A Sad Salvation]

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