Friday, September 29, 2006

Google Reader

With the changes that Google has made to Google Reader, I think that I can use Google reader as my main news aggregator.  The thing that mainly tipped the scales for me is the performance improvements.  Now it is usable on my laptop, without making Firefox use a lot of the CPU.

There are some other features that I like:

  1. The built-in flash player to play podcasts.

  2. The ability to select a feed, and only show posts from that feed.

  3. The ability to mark posts as "starred" on either the web browser, or a mobile device.

  4. The bookmarklet that let you easily subscribe to a feed in a web page In Google Reader

  5. The bookmarklet that lets you open a browser window to the next unread post, even when you are not currently on a Google Reader page..

I would still like to see some changes:

  1. Ability to find posts with specified text, within yout current subscription list.

  2. Ability to have a private url to access the mobile version of Google Reader

  3. In the mobile version, add a link to mark all the posts on the current page as read.


  1. Is this what you were looking for in terms of a URL for the mobile version?

  2. What I meant by the private urls is where where the authentication is included in the url itself. This would be something that would be added to the bookmarks on the phone, so you wouldn't be asked for your username and password


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