Tuesday, September 5, 2006


I use yum on my linux machines to update various software packages.  yum makes it very easy to keep things up to date by automatically maintaining lists of dependent packages, and downloading and installing them when necessary.  On my mac, I have been using fink to update various posix and X11 Open Source software packages.

Now MacLibre has been released that will do the same thing for Mac OS X applications.  It already has a list of standard Open Source application like Firefox and ClamXav.  It will download and install theses packages with a standard package management interface.

There are some thing that I think need to be added to make this really useful

  1. Be able to specify installation destination for each appliaction.  I keep my applications in certain folders based on function, so my "Application" folder doesn't get cluttered.  It appears that MacLibre installs all of the applications in the "Applications" folder.

  2. Larger, more up to date, list of application.  Currently only 24 applications are listed.  Also some of them are not the latest version.  (version of Firefox is listed, while is the latest version)

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