Monday, September 11, 2006

Menu Bar apps

This page has a list of Mac OS X Menu Bar applications.  (Mirror, if the page is still being dugg.) Those who have seen my computer, know that I have a lot of installed Menu Bar applications that I use to tell the status of my computer.

Here are some that I didn't have installed, and that I am trying out:

  1. SlimBatteryMonitor - Displays the computer's battery status in the menu bar more compactly than Apple's.  Unfortunately, it doesn't use the NSMenuExtra class (which is undocumented, but has been made available by third parties) so the it can not be sorted with the other standard apple menu items.

  2. SkypeMenuX - Displays and lets you modify the your status in Skype.

  3. App Stop - Allows you to kill, pause or set the priority of any running application.

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