Monday, October 2, 2006

D-Link DSM-G600

The scare with my laptop mad me want to get better with our backup situation. So I decided to get a Network Attached Storage drive for this.  Also a Newtork Attached would allow us to store media off of the small Mac mini hard drive.

I got the D-Link DSM-G600, as it stated that it was compatible with Mac OS X, and a a 400Gb drive.  The instalation was a breeze.  Just insert the drive, and boot it up.  Then you determine what ip address it was assigned, and then use a web browser to go to that ip address.  The resulting page had a button to format the drive.  Once that had finished, everything else was pretty self explanatory.

While I was in the testing using the NAS for video, copying the aliases for the movies into ~/Movies didn't work.  This post describes a way to get this to work.  I copied an alias to the folder on the NAS that contains the videos into the ~/Movies folder.