Sunday, September 10, 2006

Network QuickEntry

In my last post I mentioned how I think it would great if QuickEntry worked across a network.  This is how I think that this could work.

  • When Quicken is installed it generates a large public / private key pair.

  • There would be a new option in Quicken to generate a QuickEntry widget.  When the widget is generated, a public / private key pair is generated for the widget itself.  Also the user can assign a label for each widget generated.

  • Quicken would create a daemon that would allow QuickEntry instances to be added to the Quicken data file, even when Quicken is not running.

  • When a QuickEntry widget sends the transactions to Quicken, it will first sign the data with the private key for the widget.  Then it will encrypt the signed data with the public key for the Quicken installation.

This will allow the communication to be secure by enabling the following:

  1. Only widgets that were generated from a Quicken installation will be able to send transactions to it.

  2. Quicken will be able to verify which widget a transaction is sent from.

Jon, if you decide to use these ideas, all I ask for is an entry in the credits and a copy of Quicken.

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