Monday, September 12, 2005

New remotes

Logitech Harmony

These two posts (1, 2) on Gizmodo mention the new versions of the Harmony and Pronto remotes.  The new Harmony 890 Pro remote is the next version of the Harmony Remote line.  It seems like it is just like the Harmony 880, but it uses RF and not IR.  It looks like Logitech is planning on users using this remote with their RF to IR relaying tranceiver.  I would hope that it would work out of the box with devices that have built-in RF support.  I thought that they had listed this remote on the product page, but it is not listed there now.

Philips Pronto RemoteThen the Pronto TSU7500  and the TSU3500 are the new version of the Pronto remotes.  When used with the RFX6500 RF module it will tunnel IR over RF.

As universal remotes go, I think that the Harmony is a better remote than the Pronto.  When I owned a Pronto TSU2000, it was hard to use with my TiVo.  I think that you need hard buttons on a remote that you can use without looking at it. With the Pronto, you had to look at the remote when you wanted to stop fast forwarding.

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