Monday, September 12, 2005

MP3 player for VW

9805792824624335.JpgI saw this post on Engadget.  It looks like VW is going to install a USB connector into their cars.  This connector will allow USB drives to be connected, and the mp3 files will be played from the media.

When connected, the head unit will treat 6 folders as cds in a cd changer.  Then the cd controls will change the mp3 tracks.  So it seems that the head unit has support for probably the ISO 9660 file system, as well as a mp3 decoder.

I do wonder about a few of things:

  • What happens if there are more than 6 folders?  Is there one CD that will show all of the music?

  • What happens if there are more than 99 tracks in a folder?  CDs are supposed to have a maximum of 99 tracks.

  • Can one of those folders be replaced with a playlist file?  That way the order of the tracks does not have to be tied to alphanumeric ordering, which I assume that it uses.

  • Will the head unit display id3 tag information?

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