Sunday, September 18, 2005

Downloadable TurboTax

A while ago, I wrote about how I wished that you were able to download TurboTax or any other software that you have purchased again. I just got my notice for my TurboTax® Automatic Renewal Plan. 

They have a new option for receiving the main TurboTax program.  Now you can opt in to download the program from their website when it becomes available.  Also, they state that the software will remain in your account, so you can re-download it, if your computer crashes or you get a new PC.

I am going to sign up for this but I do wonder a few things.

  1. When they say that the software will be available for re-download, how long will it be availible?  Will I be able to re-download it if I want to amend my return next year?

  2. They also say that the software is the same as what is available on the CD.  The CD normally contains videos explaining different areas of the tax code.  Will those be part of it?  (I doubt it, as the download is only supposed to be 51.8MB)  So will the CD not contain these videos?  Or are they claiming that the videos are not part of the software?

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