Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Changed LAN subnet

Yesterday, I changed the ip address range of my home LAN from the standard 192.168. to 172.16.  I use VPN to access my work's internal network.  Before I made this change, while connected, I wasn't able to access any of my local network resources.  In addition, with the last update of the Cisco VPN software, I wasn't able to access any public sites either.

This change went smoother than I expected.  I have a few devices that have static IP addresses, and I was thinking that the devices would have made it difficult for me to make this change.  Here are the steps that I went through:

  1. Changed my Apple Airport Extreme base station to use DHCP to get it's ip address.

  2. Logged into the server, and gave it a static IP address in the new ip address range. (This cause the server to become inaccessible at this point)

  3. Connected to the Linksys WRT54GS and changed its internal ip address, and the range of the ip address that the dhcp server gave out to be in this range

  4. Physically connected my laptop to the Vonage ATA to change it's ip address

  5. Logged into the WRT54GS to change the port forwarding.

  6. Changed the Airport Extreme to use a static ip address again.

After doing this, everything pretty much worked.  I did have to modify the configuration for cups, as it was limiting connections to the old subnet.

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