Thursday, September 29, 2005

New print server

Last night I was very frustrated.  I just realized that I wasn't able to print.  I had this working before, where I had cups installed and was able to print to two printers connected to my server.

This was working until I upgraded to cups version 1.1.23.  The packages were built for Fedora Core 4 on the 9th of August.  This is very frustration since other software doesn't have this compatibility problem when upgrading.  For example, my configuration has not broken when I update my apache http server versions.

I decided that I didn't want to do deal with the configuration issues with running cups on my server, so I decided to get a consumer print server.  I bought the Linksys PSUS4, as it also has a 4 port switch.  The only problem with this is that Mac compatible right out of the box.

I found this post that describes how to set up the print server completely from a web browser.  The only trick thing is to determine the ip address that got assigned to it from the DHCP server.  On my router, there is a page that shows all of the DHCP clients.  If I didn't have this, it would be a lot harder to find the ip address.  This device didn't appear when I did a:

nmap -sP

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