Friday, September 9, 2005


I have decided to try BluePhoneElite, that I mentioned previously.  I don't really want to use the SMS features, which it looks like is this applications main function.  I am mainly interested in the proximity features. I just don't know if it is worth paying $20 for just this feature.

When I leave my desk, I want iTunes to pause, the status of Proteus to change to away, and my screen saver to activate.  The iTunes and screen saver integration is built into BluePhoneElite.  I wrote some AppleScripts to do the Proteus integration.

Here is the script that I use to set the status of Proteus:

set proteus_active to false
tell application "System Events"
    if (get name of every process) contains "Proteus" then set proteus_active to true
end tell
-- if Proteus is running then we are go
if proteus_active then
    tell application "Proteus"
        set current status to status 8
    end tell
end if

I had to try out the different numbers to get the correct status to appear.

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  1. Hi Paul,
    My name is Nicolas Sobers, and I'm a MA Creative
    Technology student at the University of Salford in the
    UK. I am working on a project for my MA course which
    involves using BluePhone Elite and AppleScript.
    Basically, I want to write a script that will be
    triggered by incoming SMS messages in BluePhone Elite,
    export them as either a .RTF or .TXT file, and then be
    converted to a .JPG file, and sent via Bluetooth to
    another Bluetooth device. I know it is possible, but I
    have never used AppleScript before, and have no
    previous experience in programming in any form. If you
    have any ideas of how I can approach this or point me
    in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!
    For a better idea of my project, or if you wish to
    contribute to it, you can check out the project
    website at this URL -
    Any info would help! Thanks!


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