Monday, October 9, 2006

MacBook Pro

The problem where my G4 PowerBook wouldn't start up, continued to happen.  Then the computer just started freezing.  When I tried to boot it back up, it wouldn't start back up.  So we decided to get a new MacBook Pro.  I drove to the Apple Store and picked it up.

Setting up went smoother than I expected. I removed the hard drive from the PowerBook, and put it in a firewire enclosure.  Then when I ran the setup process, I used the import data from mounted drive, and after several hours, the installation was finished.  All of my settings and applications had been copied over.  (Thank you J.S.)

There were a couple issues with the transition:

  1. The transition copied Little Snitch to the new user account.  This caused a kernel panic on startup.  Once I uninstalled it, everything booted fine.

  2. Some of the screen savers that I wrote don't work.  I will need to compile these as Universal binaries.

  3. So far, I haven't Sizzling Keys to control iTunes through Synergy.  (On the MacBook Pro keyboard, it works fine.)

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