Monday, October 23, 2006

The Unarchiver and Stuffit archives

I have had several Stuffit archives that The Unarchiver has unpacked to empty directories.  On my last post about The Unarchiver, Nathaniel Nutter commented that there are problems with resource forks, and suggested BOMArchiver.  I couldn't find a place to download it, so I just re-downloaded Stuffit Expander 11.

There are fewer and fewer things that use Stuffit (especially since Mac OS X has built-in support for disk images and zip archives.)  Mac OS X developers should really stop using Stuffit for their distributions.

1 comment:

  1. BOMArcvhier is Mac OS X's built-in un-archiver. Of course it doesn't work with .sit or .sitx, but does handle resource forks correctly.
    I try to just boycott the .sit and .sitx files. What I find hilarious is devs that wrap a .dmg in a .sit(x), it is just ignorant.


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