Thursday, October 12, 2006

iHome iH5 Clock Radio

10018 49 2The clock radio in our bedroom started to die.  Whenever the alarm would go of the displayed time would start to blink.  Sometimes when this happened the time would jump forward or back several hours.

We bought the iHome iH5 to replace the clock.  This is an AM/FM clock radio with an iPod dock.  This allows you to set your alarm to play any the radio or your music from your iPod.

There are some interesting features:

  1. Line-in jack – This allows you to connect a CD player or other mp3 player to the iHome.  The line in port is used only when an iPod is not in the dock.

  2. Line-out jack – Allows you to connect the iHome to the an external amplifier

But there are some things that I don't like:

  1. The AM antenna is the external loop type.  (Maybe an internal antenna could have been used.)

  2. The viewing angle of the electroluminescent display is pretty small.  When not viewed straight on, the time can be pretty hard to see.

  3. A remote control is not included, but is available as an extra purchase.  Without the remote, the only way to control an iPod is with buttons on the iPod itself.

  4. The iHome has uses a large power brick, instead of an internal power supply.

But as a whole, I like the radio.

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