Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tangerine thoughts

I have been using Tangerine for a couple of days, and I like it. I really like the interface for displaying playlists. Playlists are displayed as a horizontal list of album artwork.  When you select a track, a popup appears with the track information. Tangerine also has the ability to upgrade itself (which all applications should do)

The main benefit of Tangerine is to generate playlists of similar music.  I wanted to create a playlist that I could listen to walking to and from the train.

I created a playlist of with Beat Intensity: 70 - 100, and BPM between 94 and 147.  This are the songs in the generated playlist:

  • Trip Like I Do – The Crystal Method

  • Danny's All-Star Joint – Rickie Lee Jones

  • Professional Widow – Tori Amos

  • Too Long – Daft Punk

  • Spend A Little Time On Top – Heavy D & The Boyz

  • Dominicana – Reggaetones

  • braveheart theme techno remix – Moby

  • We Could Do It – Naughty By Nature

  • Don't O.D. on XTC – The Movement

  • Walk So Lonely – St. Germain

  • San Fezi – Wyclef Jean

  • The Black Man – St. Germain

All of these tracks work well together, except for the Rickie Lee Jones track.

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