Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Video with Comcast Cable Modem

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what would happen if I plugged our TV into our cable line.  We don't get our television through cable, since we have DIRECTV, but we do use a Comcast cable modem.  I was really interested to see if any HD channels were accessible this way.

When I connected the cable, and had the TV scan for channels, over 100 channels were found.  Many of these were HD channels.  Here are some of the interesting things that I noticed:

  • The Over-The-Air SD and HD channels were present.

  • Many of the basic channels were also available

  • Many cable HD channels were available (ESPN HD)

  • All FM radio stations were present in Audio only channels

We are not going to watch TV this way, since it isn't really convenient.

  • We don't have ability to record the HD content

  • The channel numbers of the channel can change at any time, and since the TV doesn't deal with the channel map changes like cable boxes do.


  1. I have direcTV too and an HD display but no HD service. How'd you do this and/or have you figured out the best way to get HD service?

  2. I have HD service with DIRECTV. I have been pretty disapointed with the video quality, so I have been thinking about switching to Cable and buying a TiVo Series3


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