Saturday, January 21, 2006

Update on phpBB and PostNuke permissions

I just found out today that the page, linked from this post, that described how to make phpBB respect PostNuke permissions is not up.  Here are the instructions that I used, as I remember them.

Update the following files:

faq.php, index.php, memberlist.php, search.php, viewforum.php, viewonline.php and viewtopic.php

and add the following chunk of code to the beginning:

// Begin PNphpBB2 Module
if (!defined("LOADED_AS_MODULE")) {
die ("You can't access this file directly...");
// Security check
if (!pnSecAuthAction(0, 'PNphpBB2::', '::', ACCESS_READ)) {
include 'header.php';
echo '<div align="center"><center><table border="0" width="400" height="100%">
<tr><td height="300" width="100%" valign="middle">     In or
der to protect the privacy of the home owers, you must login in order to access
the forums.</td></tr></table></center></div>';
include 'footer.php';

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  1. This is what I was looking for. Thanks. Anyone tried it?

  2. I just tested it and it works fine using (.*)as instance but what if I wanted to use an individual instance such as restriction to memberlist only ?
    Any ideas?

  3. Dude.. amazing blog.. missing RSS feeds here!!

  4. Hello,
    I am having trouble with my Internet explorer.It is doing some very odd things.Sometimes it will completely close the page i am visiting for no reason or it will be very slow loading pages and when i say slow i mean very very very slow for eg i tried to google something and after 10 minutes of the page trying to load i gave up.I thought that it was perhaps the topic i was searching so i tried putting in random things to see if that made any difference but it didn't.Another problem i had was when i was on a forum and clicked on a link and nothing happened i tried to open a new tab and that wouldn't work either and it would let me access any options that are in my tools menu.i had to restart my computer.Just to let you know i have high speed Internet connection.Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me with this problem.

  5. Hi,
    So, let's chat! Any news?


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