Friday, January 13, 2006

Airport Express sharing Wireless

We are staying in a place, for a little while, that has a 802.11 network.  I wanted to try to  bring our Vonage ATA with us, so we could still receive phone calls.

I brought a Airport Express, thinking that I could use it to be a gateway from the wireless network to the Vonage ATA.  Unfortunatelly, this doesn't work.  Even though you can share a wired connection with wireless clients, when you set up the Airport Express to get it's network connection as a Wireless client, it disables the Ethernet port.

I assume that this is is because they don't want to take market from the Airport Extreme.

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  1. Hey, you actually can enable the Express' ethernet port if it's principal connection is Wireless. I use mine to connect my Xbox to my wireless network all the time. You just need to setup a WDS system (under "Internet" in the "AirPort Admin Utility") and add any Port Mapping/Access Control info. Of course, it help if the host is setup for WDS as well, which you may or may not have control over. Just throught I'd drop that for you.


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