Wednesday, January 25, 2006

iPod thoughts

I have been using my iPod for a while and I really like it.  It is a very cool, but pretty pointless device.  I have copied all of the music from my laptop onto it, have purchased some TV Shows from the iTunes Music Store, and have converted some videos with iSquint.

During this time I have thought of some things that I would like:

  1. Larger selelection of TV shows on the iTunes Music StoreThis post describes an error in the guide data that caused my Stargate Atlantis Season Pass to not record the latest programs.  I wish I could have just purchased these episodes.

  2. Extended battery pack.  You can only watch about 2 hours of video on the 30 Gb iPod.

  3. An Alpine iPod adapter that would support video output.  The iPod is a more compact  and resilient way to store videos for viewing in the car than DVDs

  4. An Apple iPod Universal Dock, to make it easy to connect the iPod to my laptop at work.

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