Wednesday, January 11, 2006

moved servers

I finally moved the rest of my sites from the server in our house to an external VPS.  Now when we move, all of the sites will be available.

When moving this blog, I did have to deal with the difference in mysql version number as I did before, but I found out that if you specify --skip-opt, the output is more compatible with versions of mysql earlier than 4.1.

The other problems with mysql that I encountered, and I had to fix manually, were:

  1. The dump file had some defaults for timestamp fields. This was added in 4.1, so I had to manually removed the default values for this data type.

  2. All of the fields that had been marked auto_increment, had that tag stripped.  I had to manually ad this in again

In addition, the VPS is in a different time zone.  LifeType 1.0.2 doesn't store the dates and times in UTC, so since I want all future dates to be correct, I had to set the server time zone offset.  This did cause all of my old posts to change times.  This is supposed to be fixed in LifeType 1.1.

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