Saturday, January 28, 2006

Installed DSPAM

I finally got around to installing DSPAM, that I wrote about before, on the MailBarricade servers.  This offers an additional spam filter to the Bayesian filter supplied by SpamAssassin.

I was able to follow these instructions for compiling DSPAM for use with amavisd-new, and they worked very well.  In addition, I trained  the database with the SpamAssassin Public Corpus (link on this page).

Currently, I have only turned it on for learning, but I am not blocking on the results of the DSPAM.  I want to make sure that there is a feedback loop to retrain messages that are mismarked.  It looks like amavisd-new has calls both SpamAssassin and DSPAM. 

From the logs it looks like DSPAM is passed the SpamAssassin score.  But from the instructions that I used, it looks like you can write a SpamAssassin rule that uses the headers from DSPAM for setting a score.  Maybe DSPAM gets called twice.

Also when Maia Mailguard "learns" a message, it calls SpamAssassin's learn or report.  I would imagine that it should also call

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