Friday, January 27, 2006

Switched to Speakeasy VoIP

Today, I finally switched to Speakeasy VoIP service.  I finally got upset about Vonage, as they decide to start blocking incoming phone calls that have CallerID blocked, without warning us.

The switch was very easy.  I just connected the ATA to a switch connected to my DSL modem.  Speakeasy had allocated a new public IP address for the ATA, so I didn't have to switch the configuration of my firewall.

When I logged into the Web interface, I found that Speakeasy VoIP has some interesting features that are available and configurable, that are not on Vonage:


  1. Anonymous Call Rejection
  2. Busy Call Forwarding
  3. Call Notification via Email
  4. Do Not Disturb
  5. Selective Call Forwarding
  6. Selective Distinctive Ringing
  7. Selective Call Rejection Reejection (thanks raj)

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1 comment:

  1. Selective call reejection? So after you eject a call once, and it's still not far enough away, you can eject it again?


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