Thursday, January 12, 2006

Setting up postfix

When I set up the mail server, I had some interesting problems. 

Fedora Core 2 comes with Sendmail installed by default.  I like using Postfix, so installed a Postfix and redhat-switch-mail.  I ran redhat-switch-mail, and switch the MTA to Postfix.  I then configured Postfix to only not relay mail spam mail, and only accept mail for our domains.

When I started Postfix, I noticed that a bunch of spam messages were getting through and being relayed.  I immediately shutdown Postfix so I could figure out what was going on.  It looks like the redhat-switch-mail program didn't actually removed the Sendmail xinit.d file.  So the Sendmail was accepting messages without any filtering, and was forwarding it to Postfix.  I immediately disabled this script.

In addition, I wanted to enable TLS for use for outgoing mail.  Unfortunately, Postfix has to be rebuilt with a patch.  I didn't want to rebuild it, as I wouldn't be able to upgrade using rpm.  It is unfortunate that there isn't an rpm that has TLS enabled by default.

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