Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Work on Sentra

Yesterday and today I had some work done on our 1993 Nissan Sentra. The suspension on the car has been pretty bad. Yesterday, we had the front and rear shocks and struts replaced on the car with ones from KYB. This has improved the ride of the car significantly. In fact it has brought the ride closer to that of the 2000 VW Jetta that we used to own.

Since the hubcaps on this car were cracked, I was looking into replacing the wheels. I decided to buy 15" wheels to replace the stock 13" ones. Today they were installed. I like them. They are more aggressive looking than I was expecting, but I like the way that they look. With the new wheels installed, I now want to have new springs installed to lower the car by about an inch.

I know some people may question why I am putting money into a car this old. The car is running perfectly. As well, for the money that I am planning on putting into the car, there would be no way to get a new one that has the performance that I would want.

I will post pictures once I take them. (And wash the car)
I have posted an album with pictures of the car here.

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  1. is there a way to turn the check engine light off on my 1998 nissan sentra other than take it in cuz they want to charge 85 bucs just to do that, i tried to unhook my battery all night to reset but it didnt work, like it did for my buddies maxima. please anything will help cuz i dont have the money to that(unemployed right now)and need to get an emissions to renew my tabs and regs. thank you doug from seattle

  2. I have a 93 sentra and it died on me when I tried to start it and then it would not turn over or make any sound at all. Jumped it and it started so got a new battery but still won't start. Think it might be the starter. Where is the starter located on the 93 6.1 engine in the front or back of the motor/


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