Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Old electronics

6411A couple of weeks ago, I change cubicles at work.  Since I had to pack everything to move, I took the opportunity to throw away stuff that I didn't need anymore.  One of the things that I threw out was the box for the Pine D'Music SM-200C.  This got me thinking of how fast technology changes.

I bought The D'Music when I started with my current employer in 2000, after leaving Apple.  When I was at Apple, I used a boombox to play music, since I had an office that had a door. But since I was working in a cubicle, I wanted to find a way to listen to music at my desk.  Since I wanted some type of mp3 player flash players didn't have that much space, I decided that cd based player would be best for me. 

At the time the D'Music was the only CD based mp3 player that also displayed ID3 tag information.  Now when I am traveling, I use the iPod Shuffle.  This has 1 Gb of memory, but it  has no display at all. So maybe the ID3 tag display was all that important.

I used thee D'Music for a couple of years, but stopped when I started to bring my laptop into work.  Also I started to used NetJuke to stream my music from my house to my computer to work.  Also It looks like the D'Music is not being sold anymore in the US.

Note:  According to Network Solutions the domain expired about a month ago.

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