Friday, July 22, 2005

I want a camera phone

There have been more and more times that I want to get a camera phone.  This week, I was in a cab traveling from the London, Ontario airport.  Then on the side of the road was a building where locomotives were coming out of large doors.  It turns out that this was the ElectroMotive Canada plant.  That would have been a cool picture to take.

I have been holding off on getting a camera phone because I haven't seen one that has all of the features that I want.  I want one that has BlueTooth and can sync with my Mac via iSync.  Since I want to stay with Verizon, and they don't off any phones with these capabilities, I am not changing phones. 

Also, Verizon seems to like to disable the BlueTooth implementation in their phones. They seem to restrict it to only being able to use it for hands free kits.

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