Friday, July 22, 2005

I want a camera phone

There have been more and more times that I want to get a camera phone.  This week, I was in a cab traveling from the London, Ontario airport.  Then on the side of the road was a building where locomotives were coming out of large doors.  It turns out that this was the ElectroMotive Canada plant.  That would have been a cool picture to take.

I have been holding off on getting a camera phone because I haven't seen one that has all of the features that I want.  I want one that has BlueTooth and can sync with my Mac via iSync.  Since I want to stay with Verizon, and they don't off any phones with these capabilities, I am not changing phones. 

Also, Verizon seems to like to disable the BlueTooth implementation in their phones. They seem to restrict it to only being able to use it for hands free kits.

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  1. I've often wanted a camera phone, because I see so much weird stuff I just want to be able to show someone else about it.
    But having to get the camera/phone out and take photos is too obvious if I want to photograph somebody, rather then something.
    The ideal for me would be a video recording camera in my sunglasses, which sees everything I see, and I can choose which bits of the stuff I see are worth showing to other people.
    Of course, I'd have to make sure I edited out all of the bits of me perving on GF wouldn't like that too much.

  2. This may seem like comment spam and I am sorry for that, but I run a blog for cell phones. Take a look around. If you go to phones on the meny option, there is a whole section for camera phones.

  3. The Motorola E815 will sync via Bluetooth with iSync also with a slight iSync code change the v710 will also work.

  4. Get the E815, I'll hook you up with all of the instructions and software to enable full bluetooth. You can just browse the files on it wirelessly. And the camera is very impressive. I'm going to have a blog post about it soon, and I'll try to remember to post the link here.
    Trust me, the phone rocks.

  5. I have just got the E815 phone it is cool but not able to sync using the bluetooth. Can you please hook me up with the info and the software to enable full bluetooth.


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