Thursday, July 7, 2005

Creating XHTML in SubEthaEdit

I had just started playing with TextWrangler, and then I saw this post that describes a very cool feature of SubEthaEdit.  Since SubEthaEdit will colorize text,  now you can make this available in xhtml.

In the Edit menu, there is a menu item named "Copy As XHTML".  This will put the XHTML in your clipboard.  The result will look something like:


    include_once( PLOG_CLASS_PATH."class/plugin/pluginbase.class.php" );
    include_once( PLOG_CLASS_PATH."class/net/http/httpclient.class.php" );
    include_once( PLOG_CLASS_PATH."class/net/requestgenerator.class.php" );
     * implements notification of

    class PluginSiteMap extends PluginBase
        var $pluginEnabled;
        var $cacheFolder;

[via Paint The Tiger]

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  1. I've been working with an XHTML Validator, and I don't think this creates valid XHTML.

  2. Hi! if you encounter any invalidity of the xhtml please tell us, we'll fix it. Doing valid xhtml is really a goal for us!

  3. Acutally, it might be just how WordPress is interpreting it as it passes through the template process...

  4. I have to change all of the double-quotes (that I typed in) into &quot;, and then change any double-quotes in the css code into single quotes in order to get it to validate.
    I'm running under WordPress Multi-User. (Blogsome).


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