Saturday, July 30, 2005

sha1sum for Mac OS X

I have finished downloading all of the disk images for Fedora Core 4 on my mac.  I wanted to verify that the files were not corrupted.  Fedora provides the sha1 checksum for each of the images for this purpose.  Mac OS X doesn't provide md5sum or sha1sum tools at all.  Fink does provide a way to install md5sum, but not sha1sum.

This web site provides a small package that includes md5sum, sha1sum, and ripemd160sum,  I was able to compile it just fine.  The only problem that I had was during the "make install" step the Makefile attempted to set the owner to a nonexistent one in Mac OS X.  Even with that problem the programs work fine.

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  1. hey, just googled for "sha1sum" and "os x" on google and you were one of the first hits. just want to thank you for the link :)

  2. There is an easier way -- sha1sum is part of the textutils package, which can be installed through Fink.

  3. Just use openssl:
    $ openssl dgst -sha1 FC4-i386-disc1.iso
    SHA1(FC4-i386-disc1.iso)= 3fb2924c8fb8098dbc8260f69824e9c437d28c68

  4. awesome! i don't have dev tools on this mac; that helped a lot!

  5. thanks a lot. that bit abt openssl helped a lot.

  6. there's also the coreutils package from DarwinPorts which contains both md5sum and sha1sum. All tools in this package start with a 'g' tho, so you'll have to enter:
    $ gsha1sum

  7. It is weird that OSX doesn't have sha1sum command... however I am putting this one into .profile, hope it works >_<
    alias sha1sum="openssl dgst -sha1"

  8. It did not work for me, unfortunately.


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