Tuesday, October 18, 2005

spam blog tool

Almost a year ago, there was a site that had been taking my rss feed and using that to generate a blog with my content, without any acknowledgment.  It looks like this tool has been created for this purpose.

It appears that this tool will read an rss feed and the make posts to standard blogging systems.  The main headline on their site is:

Who Else Wants to Know How I Maintain Daily Posts to Several  Content Blogs on Various Subjects, All Without Writing A Single Word or Lifting A Single Finger?

This appears to be a software package thats main purpose is to plagiarize.

I do hope that this software is written poorly, and that it always reports the same HTTP client.  If so, I will write some rewrite rules that will redirect the requests to a different rss feed.  This would be similar to what I did before.

If not, the ip addresses of the machines making the requests can be blocked.

[via Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

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