Sunday, October 16, 2005

ATSC antenna

When I set up the DIRECTV HD DVR, DIRECTV doesn't give local channels in HD, so you need to connect an ATSC antenna.  I first tried the Zenith Silver Sensor Digital HDTV Indoor Antenna.  It only worked for some channels.  When I looked closely at the box, it was only a UHF antenna.

I then bought the Terk HDTVi.  This antenna allows me to receive most of the ATSC channels in my area.

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  1. I have the same antenna, but I don't use the rabbit-ears part, but honestly, I haven't tried. Do they make a difference? Can you get 20-1 and 44-1 reliably? Oh, and did you decide to point to the SF tower, or to the San Jose tower?

  2. Before using the rabit ears. I wasn't getting 7-1 or 11-1. I am getting 20-1 and 44-1 reliably.
    I am pointing at the San Francisco tower. I should try to point at the San Jose tower to see if I get better reception.

  3. Shape the ears into a narrow vee
    of 45 degrees or slightly less.
    Point the open end (horizontally)
    toward the transmitting tower.
    Use to find
    the direction if you don't know.
    This applies to ears that don't
    have an integrated uhf loop or
    bowtie. The vee is superior to
    the loop and bowtie when used
    You can extend the ears to 2M if
    you want more UHF performance and
    even extend the response down to
    VHF-Hi channels 7-13.
    You may snub the open ends by wrapping the last few inches
    with lossy magnetic materials.
    Steel wool, or a few wraps of
    insulated steel core wire (no
    electrical connection!) This
    can improve the front to back.
    Don't use high quality ferrite.
    The idea is to disrupt signals
    gradually at the open ends, not
    cut the wires short with a hard
    magnetic choke all at one spot.
    The last tuneup would be to
    slowly taper the twinlead from
    2cm spacing (at the center of
    the vee) to 1cm at the balun.
    This taper should be at least
    several feet to benefit. It
    corrects a 600ohm mismatched
    impedance for a vee antenna.


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