Sunday, October 16, 2005

DIRECTV HD DVR installed

Yesterday, the installer came to install the DIRECTV HD DVR.  Since we already had a DIRECTV installation, all that was involved was installing the triple sat dish, installing a new multiswtich and one additional line to the living room.

The installer was supposed to come between 1 and 5, but he showed up around 6.  The dish went up easily.  I thought that he would have to run an additional 2 lines to where we had our old multiswitch, but he was able to put the new multiswitch in the atack, while still allowing me to later add a multiswich in the current room to add drops to other rooms later.

I have been pretty impressed with the quality of the high defitintion content.  Unfortunately, I am not impressed with the content provided by DIRECTV's HD package.  I wish that they would include more channels.

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