Thursday, October 27, 2005

Olive Symphony

SymphonyNow this is a cool media player.  The Olive Symphony is a component digital music player that has some pretty cool features.  I has an 80 GB hard drive that can store the music files.  It has a CD drive that can rip audio cd directly to the hard drive.  Also you can burn cd from the Symphony itself.  When playing the music there are both Toslink and coaxial digital outputs for playing high quality audio

In addition to being able to rip the audio from CDs, the Symphony can access music on computers on the local area network, from either Bonjour or UPnP A/V protocols.  In addition to being able to access music from computers on the network, the music that is on the hard drive is made available on the network through the same protocols.

The Symphony also has iPod integration.  When connected to an iPod, the music that is on the iPod is playable on the device.  Also it is possible to transfer some music from the hard drive to the iPod.

The Symphony also works with their Sonata to support playing music in other rooms wirelessly.

In addition to these music playing features, it can act as a 802.11 base station and a 4 port ethernet switch.

[via Geek News Central]

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