Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Previously, I had bought an internal ATSC antannae.  I haven't been that happy with the reception of this.  I wasn't not able to get our local NBC affiliate, and I was only able to get ABC or CBS, if no body mooved in front of the antanne.

I decided to buy a Channel Master STEALTHtenna.  Since we live in a townhouse, I didn't want to put this antenna on the roof, so I decided to install it in the attic.  The installation was pretty easy.

I did have some interesting problems.  I bought a pair of Eagle Aspen Single Port Power Passive Diplexers.  I was hoping to use one of the RG6 cables that I am using for satellite signals an piggyback the ATSC antenna on it.  When I tried to do this, only one of the ATSC tuners on the DIRECTV HD DVR would get signal.  When I removed the diplexers, everything worked perfectly.  I am now using that RG6 cable purely for ATSC signal.

Now the signal that I get is a lot better.  I am able to get the local NBC broadcast, but I am not able to get the KRON broadcasts, and the signal quality for the PBS and CBS is not that good.  I am assuming that this is caused partially because I the roofing material is foil covered.  I ordered the amplifier to see if this will fix the problem.  Worst case, I will put this antenna on the roof.

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  1. Paul,
    I see that a few years ago you had planned to upgrade your Stealthtenna with the amplified circuit board. If you still have the old circuit board I could use it for my Stealthtenna with a blown board. I would be willing to pay a reasonable cost and shipping.


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